Unless you are paying cash for your property, you will need to apply for a mortgage loan. Your lender can explain current financing options and help you select the right type of loan for your situation.
  • Application interview
  • Lender obtains all pertinent documents to avoid delays
  • The lender opens the transaction with the Title Company
Within 24 hours of the application, the lender will request:
  • Credit report, appraisal of property, verification of employment, mortgage or landlord ratings, funds to close
  • Preliminary Report and a Preliminary Good Faith Estimate of your Costs and loan details from the Title Company
  • Picture ID, W2s (2 years), a Certificate of Eligibility, DD214 (VA only), and any other necessary supporting documentation.

Loan package is assembled by the Loan Officer and submitted to the underwriter for approval

  • Generally takes 24-72 hours
  • Parties are notified of approval and conditions to the loan
Within 1-3 days after loan approval
  • Loan documents are completed and sent to the Title Company
  • Borrower is notified of how much money is necessary to close the loan
  • Borrower will come to the Title Company to sign all final documents
  • Lender reviews the loan package
  • Funds are wired to the Title Company
  • The Title Company records the Deed of Trust at the county Recorder’s Office
  • Securing the lien against the property
  • Funds are disbursed to the appropriate parties
  • Escrow is officially closed

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