Contact your Realtor®

to determine your requirements, preferences and final qulifications.

Loan Qualification Contact a Loan Officering

discuss financial resources & obtain pre-qualification letter.

Home Search

Tour available properties with your Realtor® and learn about different neighborhoods.

Find the Perfect House

Discuss strategy with your Realtor® and
decide on an offer; arrange for Earnest Money.

Inspections & Disclosures must be approved by all parties along with the Preliminary Report, as premitted by the contract.

Present & Negotiate Offer        Your Realtor® will present and negotiate your offer with the listing agent.

Submit Loan Application to the lender with all necessary documents.

Open Escrow with Title Company Submit deposit to escrow.

Negotiate Repairs If critical issues are discovered in disclosures, inspections, etc., as permited by contract.

Preliminary Report Issued in response to application for title insurance.

Underwriting & Appraisal Underwriter reviews files for loan acceptance. Appraiser establishes value of property.

Remove Contingencies

Homeowner’s Insurance  Select an insurance company and coverrage, then give insurance agent the escrow information.  

Sign Documents           Sign loan documents, escrow documents, etc. at the Title Company.

Down Payment & Loan Funding Lender sends funds to the Title Company.

Record/Transfer Deeds are recorded at County Recorder’s office.

You Are the Owner of a New Home!

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